10 Best Cities in the World to be a Student

They should be some of the best years of your life. Your last years of relative freedom before the realities of the 9-5 world start to impinge. However, your university experience often depends on your chosen city of study. It can be a daunting choice, and with the world now so readily accessible it is a search which does not need to stop at these shores. Here is selection of the cities commonly considered the best study destinations in the world.

  1. Boston, US

In terms of extracurricular employment, shear number of institutions (50 colleges and universities) and richness of history and culture Boston has earned itself the honour of being the state’s best university town.

  1. Sydney, Australia

It’s top of many a gap year traveller’s to-see list, but perhaps more should consider actually studying in New South Wales. Even if it not the most affordable of world cities, the quality of life you will enjoy in Sydney is second to none – beaches, culture and incredible scenery – the only difficulty may be in finding time to study.

  1. Hong Kong

With 24 country parks and its own Disneyland, Hong Kong is obviously a desirable living location. It is also surprisingly affordable – a massive advantage to any student. It is also home to the one of the top three institutions of higher education in the whole of Asia.

  1. Melbourne, Australia

Australia gets two cities in this list simply because it is impossible to leave out either Sydney (glamour, beaches, culture) or Melbourne with it’s welcoming mix of students and cultures as well as captivating architecture and sporting prowess.


  1. Paris, France

Paris has the world’s best universities, the finest café culture and has to be the most desirable city, for many reasons, on earth. The French capital has long been an intellectual melting pot and it is no surprise that students want to add to that tradition.


  1. London, UK

London, with it’s history, heritage, vibrant culture and mix of great universities, has an established place on any list of this nature. The city has excellent student facilities including great student accommodation from companies like Urbanest who have student accommodation in trendy central London areas such as Hoxton.

  1. Seoul, South Korea

Another city with a reputation for active student-friendly employers, as well as burgeoning cultural eminence with K-Pop grabbing headlines which perhaps should be claimed by the city’s majestic palaces, skyscrapers and exciting nightlife.


  1. Montreal, Canada

Montreal’s unique network of subterranean tunnels host a wealth of student-friendly pursuits and the Canadian city is becoming an ideal place for the student who doesn’t mind the colder climate.

  1. Zurich, Switzerland

One of continental Europe’s safest, cleanest and well-maintained cities has universities with surprisingly low tuition fees; a great mix for concerned parents.

  1. Munich, Germany

Practically unrivalled for cultural pursuits and a reputation for a warm welcome, Munich is a wonderful choice for study. The city’s hard-drinking reputation may also appeal to certain sections of the student body.

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