3 Reasons To Include Works of Art In Your Workspace

For those who don’t remember this lesson from their seventh grade art class, experiencing and appreciating art is good for the soul. Having an artistic side or observing the genius of others truly has been proven to produce some great positive effects. However, these positive effects shouldn’t be kept for just passive enjoyment or post-work pleasure. In fact, companies and employers who include art in the workplace may find that showcasing art around the office can give employees just what they need to become more successful.

If you’re doubting whether throwing up a few paintings or works of art will really have an effect on your work life, here are three points to prove that having art at work is beneficial for both the company and the employees.

Boost Employee Productivity

By including art in the design of your office, you’re helping to improve the productivity and overall outlook of your employees. According to a study reported on by a contributor to Forbes, 73 percent of employees who currently have art shown in the workspace feel that they would be negatively impacted if that art were to be removed. This negative impact would reduce productivity, showing that having art in a work environment can boost the productivity of your employees by making them feel more comfortable and cared for by their employer.

Inspire Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Exposure to art will also help with creative thinking and problems solving in the workplace, for both employees, employers and clients. In fact, Heather Horrocks, contributor to CU Insight, reports that the Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association of Professional Art Advisors has found strong links between art showcased in offices and other workspaces and the amount of creativity shown by those working in that area. For those office administrators or managers looking for new ways to think about or resolve issues, bringing in some art to your space could help spur along the process.

Increase Brain Function and Connectivity

Both for people who are involved in creating their own art and those who focus on appreciating art created by others, Katherine Brooks of the Huffington Posts states that studies have shown the brains of these people promoting greater “psychological resilience” and “functional connectivity”. In the workplace, this means your employees and clients will have higher brain function and be able to process and remember more information simply by being exposed to works of art throughout the day, making the time and money you spend at galleries like the Park West Gallery all the more worth your while.

Art in the workplace can have a major positive impact on your company’s overall productivity, creativity, and connectivity. So if you find that you’re lacking in any one of these areas and want to see some improvement without too much poking and prodding of your employees, consider including art in your office design and decoration.

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