5 Nursing Careers for the Stay at Home Parent

Work and employment has changed a great deal in recent years, and one of these ways is that many employees now have the option to work from home or from anywhere else in the world that they’d like. The wide availability of high-speed and  unlimited internet has decreased the need for traditional offices and increased the need for flexible employees who have the focus needed for a remote position.



For those employed in the healthcare field, a telecommuting position might not seem feasible. Healthcare work is very much a hands-on industry, and employees typically need to be present at their facility to perform the tasks related to their jobs. However, there are a number of careers that nurses can take part in that don’t require a daily commute to an office or hospital.

Just as a nurse can receive his or her BSN online, many fulfilling and well-paid jobs can also be done online. If you’re a nurse and are interested in a career that is an alternative to a traditional hospital or doctor’s office position, consider one of these interesting pursuits.

Legal Nurse Consultant

Nurses with a minimum of five years of clinical experience combined with a specialized course in legal nurse consulting can partner with law firms, insurance companies, and hospitals to help them navigate the tricky waters of medicine and the law.

A legal nurse consultant may work closely with lawyers on medical cases and help them identify expert witnesses and prepare briefs and testimonies. Hospitals also employ legal nurse consultants to help them draft policies that adhere to local and federal laws. While some legal nurse consultants do maintain a physical presence at law firms and hospitals, many are self-employed and work from home .

Telephone Triage Nurse

One of the most desirable telecommuting positions for nurses is that of telephone triage nurse. These nurses take incoming calls from patients, assess their symptoms or concerns, and make appropriate recommendations for further medical care.

These nurses may be employed by insurance companies, hospitals, nursing homes, military facilities, university campuses, and other companies that have a need to accurately triage their patients. This is the perfect position for the nurse who’d like to work from home, as an internet connection and some specialized software is typically all that’s needed to begin receiving calls from patients.

Author or Writer

A nurse with a good deal of practical and clinical experience should consider awriting position. Opportunities for nurses with writing skills abound, and there is a demand for writers in a variety of different fields.

Many nurses have taken their skills to writing textbooks for nursing school students, utilizing their medical skills by writing articles for various media outlets, consulting on or writing medical-themed novels or movie scripts, and by writing press releases and other informational material for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Pharmaceutical Sales


One of the most lucrative positions for nurses who’d like to work from home is that of pharmaceutical sales representative. Utilizing their extensive medical knowledge combined with interpersonal skills, nurses excel in this position and are highly sought after.

While some work outside of the home is required, in the form of meetings with doctors and company executives, most of the work is done from the home and on the salesperson’s own schedule. Bonuses and incentives for top sellers are common in this business, and those nurses with outgoing personalities and impeccable sales skills can earn a great deal of money in this position.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcriptionists are the people responsible for listening to doctor’s dictations of their notes and charts and transcribing those notes into clear and coherent documents. Test results and other reports are often created in this manner.

Many companies hire medical transcriptionists for telecommuting positions and nurses are in high demand. With their practical and clinical experience combined with their medical terminology skills, nurses are the perfect candidates for this type of work.

The pay for these positions can be much less than other work from home opportunities for nurses, but the job is very flexible and can be done from home on the nurse’s own schedule.

For many nurses, a hospital or doctor’s office is where they thrive. For others, a change might be necessary. As the healthcare field expands and generates more opportunities for telecommuting and working remotely, nurses have more and more opportunities for fulfilling careers in many aspects of the medical field.

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