A Guide to International Pipeline Jobs

international pipline jobsInternational pipeline jobs provide you with an opportunity not just to make good money, but also get the chance to travel around the world. Depending on your qualifications, you can take part in an entry level job or a highly paid position in a multibillion dollar company.

High Demand for Different Pipeline Job

As countries like China and India, the need for oil and gas pipeline jobs are very much in demand, and oil workers and riggers are needed in different countries around the world. Entry level jobs vary in terms of position and salary, although the most common is the leased hand where you have to take care of the rig.

But because pipeline, gas and petroleum jobs are very complicated, various other jobs are required in the industry such as computer technicians, pipeline walkers, pipeline inspectors, computer programmers and geologists can all find a job in the industry.

It might be surprising for some to see that technical and computer skills are needed in pipeline / refinery, but this really is the case as technology is heavily used in the industry. For this reason, companies need highly skilled and technical people to perform various tasks.

Information about Pipeline Jobs

The reason for the high demand for pipeline workers is they are used to obtain more than 60% of gas and oil and then they will be refined. To give you an idea of just how important pipelines are, there are more than 22,000 miles in the US alone, to say nothing of the pipelines in other countries around the world. Simply put, all of this will require technology to ensure the gas goes through where it is supposed to go.

Each company will require different jobs, although one of the most in demand now is pipeline walkers. Their job is to walk the pipeline miles that carry gas or petroleum to ensure there is no clogging, are pumping properly and that operations are still ongoing. The pipeline walker is also needed to check if there are problems in the system.

Refinery workers are also required in the pipeline industry. Several jobs fall under this category including chemists to workers involved in delivery, loading and various operations. These jobs often require highly skilled and trained workers.

Pipeline welders are also in demand. Semi-automatic and automatic welding are both used in the pipelines. Technicians who install and setup automatic girth welder machines are also employed in this industry.

Another job that is very much in demand are pipeline inspectors as they have to make sure that pipes are working and in proper condition. Inspectors also have to make reports necessary to rectify the situation. Given the large number of pipes needed, it is hardly surprising that they are needed in many countries.

Finding a Pipeline Job Overseas

The easiest way to do this is by submitting your resume in an online site, one that provides job openings in different countries. Companies regularly browse these sites so they can tell easily whether the candidates are right for the job or not. Another way is to look for job openings in the company’s website and check if there are job openings.

Before you apply for a pipeline job in another country, make sure that you go through the job requirements as it will vary depending on the company. If you have any questions, you should contact them for more information. With the Internet, it has become easier for a company to get in touch with them and get clarification.

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