Best Career Advice for 2015

As yet another year comes to an end paving way for new opportunities and experiences, there comes the challenge to keep up with the demands of a dynamic business environment and a robust career.

2015 looks very challenging for the banking sector in the United Kingdom. As the country is entering into a phase of political uncertainty, some major changes may be expected in the banking sector. Research shows that though there would be continued restructuring of organisations a positive growth can be witnessed in niche markets.

Here is a comprehensive guide that can help you devise an effective action plan for your career in 2015

Set a long term goal

A recent survey by eFinancial Careers, quoted senior career experts pointing out that finding the job with the right fit is the first step towards betterment in 2015. eFinancial Careers aims at offering invaluable industry insights to add more value to your career. A well defined career goal in the banking sector comes from the synergy of personal abilities, market trends and global economy. The crucial need to be successful in your career comes true by continually visualizing a plan and having both short-term and long-term goals.

Bridge the gap

Compare the difference between where you are currently and where you would like to be after 5 years. Gauge how the market demands and business changes with relation to government regulations and growth areas would take you from point A to point B. Any setbacks in the journey after considering all external factors are the gaps between your goals and reality.

Make a Plan

Once you have gauged your position in the job market and you are able to view more information you now need to invigorate your position. As far as the financial sector is concerned technological advancements and globalization has influenced the hiring trends. Professionals can explore new niche growth areas with the already gained sector experience or choose to break into distinctly different sectors with equipping them rightly. Research shows that banking sectors and auditing firms will be high on hiring and it is the right chance to break into these markets.

Track Progress

Staying updated is another on-going process to build up a strong career. Relevant trainings and certifications, extra linguistic skills, knowledge about the technological advancement such as cyber security and cloud computing can help professionals grow along a strong career path. Take a look at, they  work with you to conduct specialist analysis, identify the impact to your business and provide regular remediation advice.

Build a strong network

Surround yourself with the right kind of people from your senior management and peer circle. Take advice and feedback on your approaches and learn from the thought leaders of your industry. Brainstorming of ideas can bring different perspectives together and as a whole be a good learning process.

Career development does not happen overnight. It is a slow and steady process that must be based on stable long term goals. In 2015, the finance sectors in the United Kingdom are expected to offer challenging roles is many areas. With the right kind of approach and agility it is time to ace some great opportunities in the UK. 

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