The Career Ladder: Drive Your Way to the Top

For many people, getting their driving license is simply a step up in their independence. Being able to go where you like, when you like without relying upon public transportation or friends and family can give you a real sense of freedom. However, what you don’t often think about is just how important a driving license can be to a potential employer. Being able to drive is essential in some careers and for some, the type of car you drive is also important. For example, you may need a stylish car to make a good impression. Therefore buying a Mazda at T W White & Sons could be a good idea, if you would like a career where you can drive commercial trucks, then you should definitely consider training for CDL Truck Driver Positions, just make sure you are covered with a commercial trucker insurance policy in case of an emergency.

How a car helps with employment
Even if your job is based within an office, having a car to get to and from work makes you more reliable in the eyes of your employer. Public transportation can be really unreliable. Therefore if you drive you are more likely to get to work on time.

It isn’t just punctuality that a car can help you with. If you are looking to progress in your chosen career, you need to show that you’re a hard worker. This sometimes means staying late to ensure all work is completed on time. You may also be required to go to meetings. If you own a car it doesn’t matter what time you finish as transportation is there whenever you need it.

My World of Work has a great short feature on why a driving license is important for graduates.

Driving your way to the top
Even if you are currently employed, not having a car could be holding you back. Your current job role might not require a car, but what about the promotion you are hoping for? A good example is those who are training to become a journalist. You may be stuck in the office doing research and other administration-based tasks, but as you progress up the career ladder, you’ll soon be expected to go out and interview people. Without a car this would be extremely difficult. How many journalists do you know who get to interviews on the bus?

Many careers require you to have your own car. So if you don’t currently drive, now is definitely the time to start learning.

The importance of a clean driving license
Most drivers end up with at least one penalty point on their driving license. Employers don’t tend to worry too much about minor offences. However, if you end up with a serious driving offence on your record it will limit your career opportunities. Employers for Work-Life Balance shows you exactly how a driving offence can affect your chances of getting a job. Therefore it is important to make sure you drive as carefully as possible if you don’t want to damage your career and so you also don’t have to pay the speeding ticket las vegas cost.

Overall driving is an essential skill that many employers look for. Once you’ve attained your license, it is also important to think about the type of car that you will need. The right car can help you get noticed and potentially snag you that promotion you’ve been hoping for.  


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