Find Quality in a Nursing Home

Nursing homes might be one of the hardest subjects to breach with your loved ones whether you are discussing it with an older mother or father or you are talking to your siblings about your parents. Elderly folks need care that family members are often incapable of giving them, and that is where an in home nursing care comes in to play. The care at quality homes has become more than somebody in nursing scrubs, but rather a better care facility.


Nursing homes have also come a long ways in the last twenty or so years and that alone can be a huge comfort for families that are struggling with the idea of putting an older loved one in a senior home care. Gone are the days of untrained and disrespectful orderlies who seem to care more about their eight hours than actually taking care of someone you care deeply for. However, if you suspect that your elderly relative may have been harmed in any way while in a nursing home, you should speak with a nursing home neglect lawyer immediately.

The cold, sterile, hospital like atmosphere that summed up nursing homes of the past has been replaced with multi-use facilities with a focus on independence, because isn’t that what hurts the most about moving an elderly relative to a nursing home: a loss of independence?

Quality nursing homes now resemble apartment buildings more than hospitals, and one of the more brilliant ideas, to make transitional facilities has improved the level and quality of care that senior citizens are able to get. There are a couple different types of nursing homes that provide quality care through independence, familiarity, and sociability. Visit for more information.

Assisted Living

This is like a step back from a nursing home where residents are still mostly independent, with the exception of a few things. Maybe they cannot drive anymore, or they need a restricted diet, or while they can almost live on their own, they cannot care for themselves in such a way that they can make it completely on their own. Assisted living affords a more independent senior the option of predominantly living on their own within a building where nursing staff are available 24/7 in case of an emergency. Likewise, an assisted living facility will have a cafe or a restaurant connected with it so that any residents who can no longer cook for themselves, can still eat regularly without a relative cooking for them. Visit for more information.

The apartments are usually like a regular apartment, with kitchens that have all of the appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, and pretty much everything available on unclutterer; bathrooms, and other amenities such as in unit laundry and other things to make life a bit easier for the residents. They can also arrange for a Linen Delivery Service just for you.

Transitional Living

For many elderly people, a transitional senior living facility is the perfect way to move from independent living to a nursing home. Part assisted living, part nursing home, the residents in these buildings need a bit more help than an assisted living resident, but still do not require full time nursing care. They may need some medical supplies like oxygen, but for the most part they are still fairly mobile, social, and active to the best of their abilities. While they do not necessarily require round the clock nursing, they do require a nurse or aide in certain situations like bathing and other hygienic situations. This is the first part of transitional living.

Basically, transitional living banks on the fact that the residents that live their when they are still mostly independent will be there for the long term. Not only does this breed familiarity between the elderly residents and the staff in the facility, but it also allow the residents to form relationships of their own.

The second part of transitional living is full time nurse care. More or less, the resident will have ceded their independence and eased their way into the nursing home part of their residence. Not only does this transition ease the resident’s mind, but it also helps the families adjust in a comfortable environment.


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