Five Gift Ideas For A College Girl

College kids; especially girls, have it rougher than most. Between the stresses of courses and deadlines, working a job (or two), performing the household tasks normally regulated to their parents for the first time, and partying to the best of their ability, finding the time or resources to do many things can be quite difficult. So we compiled a list of 3 things every college girl needs. Whether she is attending a major university  or simply taking online college classes in hopes of getting an accelerated degree, these five gift ideas will be able to help out your college girl in more ways than you thought. You can find several more gift ideas if you hop over to this web-site. Pick the one that suits you the best.

Gift Idea One: Scrapbooking Accessories

College can be a fun and exciting time for many young girls, filled with pictures, stories, and lots of momentos of a good time. The perfect gift for your college girl is scrapbooking accessories, help them preserve some of the memories they make along the way. They will thank you for it years later! A few ideas to pick up are the scrapbook itself, some personalized note pads which can be found at any craft store, scissors, glue, glitter, and decorative pens. Albeit a bit cheesy, nothing makes a girl happier then having the ability to spark that inner creativity.

Gift Idea Two: Convenient Small Appliances

Think small. Perhaps a little convection oven, a stovetop grill, a blender – all essentials in a family household, but things college girls may never have thought of having or simply never bothered to pick up. With the majority of food consumed by college kids being microwavable or not-needing to be cooked due to a lack of time (or laziness), a new small kitchen appliance can fit in their dorm and expand their dietary possibilities. It can also help keep them healthier – replacing potato chips with smoothies from your generously provided blender or substituting microwave dinners for a grilled chicken sandwich prepared on your gifted grill. Also, throw in a mini refrigerator in your list of gifts. She would need it for her food and drinks at her dorm. Visit for refrigerator options.

Gift Idea Three: A Laundry Themed Gift Basket

Looking for something a bit more creative? Try making a laundry themed gift basket. So what does a laundry themed gift basket entail? Its simple, try putting the following items into a laundry basket: detergent, liquid fabric softener, dryer sheets, a laundry bag, and a stain remover. Don’t be afraid to throw in a little gift card for some new clothes as well. That never hurts. Gift cards are ideal gifts for college girls because they give them the flexibility to buy what they want, when they want it.

Gift Idea Four: A Laptop

One of the most tedious aspects of the college experience is note taking. Luckily, word processing applications exist when can expedite the process by quite a bit, but many college kids are unfortunately without a much-needed laptop. You can show your college girl both how much you appreciate them and the extent to which you understand their needs by providing them a way to both increase their chances of success in school while also providing them with all the leisure activities possible with a laptop. More can be done than just note-taking; from surfing the web and keeping up with friends to playing World of Warcraft and buying WoW Classic gold, a laptop is one of the most versatile gifts you can get for that college student.

Gift Idea Five: Headphones

With college girls typically living with one or more other girls, issues can arise when musical tastes are not shared, or simply too much noise to concentrate. One person may be into indie rock and pop music while another might despise both and listen to exclusively hip-hop. Such differences in taste present problems with music being played out loud. Of course, most college students are in possession of some earbuds, but they are typically cheap and do not produce the best sound quality. While they are fine for listening on the go, headphones are much more ideal for listening in the dorm. A nice pair can increase sound quality and the listening experience tenfold while allowing them to not disturb others. Headphones vary widely in quality in price, with a great quality pair retailing for around one-hundred twenty dollars.


In conclusion, college and getting a degree can seem tedious. With the hustle and bustle of college life, most girls don’t have the time to get the things they really need, let alone go into a classroom and sit through a three-and-a-half hour lecture. These five gift ideas will really help your college girl get through the semester, and earn that University diploma or fast online degree. Don’t stress over the experience, make gift buying fun. The important thing to remember is that giving gifts in general is a great gesture, and giving gifts they can use makes the process even more spectacular. Good luck and happy gifting!

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