Five Healthcare Fields in High Demand

Whether you’re a student trying to choose an area to concentrate on, or are considering going back to school to make a career change, there are a number of factors to consider. Your personal interests and career aspirations are important, but most of us are also interested in job security. Technology and healthcare tend to be at the top of the lists when it comes to industries exhibiting a high demand for workers. Yet within the general category of “healthcare” there are a lot of different concentrations and paths of studies. From ultrasound technicians to aged care workers and brain surgeons, the healthcare field boasts a number of diverse job opportunities and with more people coming into to these job openings, that means that there will be a need for more Lateral Flow Test Assembly Kitting services to be sure there is enough medical equipment distributed to the various healthcare centers.


Image Source: Vlastimil/Wikimedia Commons

1. Dental Hygienist

The healthcare industry encompasses the field of dentistry. While there is always a need for talented, well-trained dentists, they also need dental hygienists to assist them. Dental hygienists assist with dental procedures like periodontal disease treatment and dental implants surgery and clean patients’ teeth, playing a vital role in any dental office. They are rewarded with a steady 9-5 schedule and projected job growth of 38% in the United States over the next few years. Less stressful than other healthcare roles, dental hygiene, just like intravascular ultrasound ivus, requires excellent communication skills and the ability to work with nervous patients. You can learn more about it in the page.

You may also consider being a dental assistant instead. This way you can provide direct support to dentists during dental procedures. There are dental assistant training programs you can look into if you are interested in being a dental assistant.

2. Home Health Aide

With an aging world population, there’s a high level of expected growth for aged care workers and home health aides over the next five years. Home health aides don’t necessarily need a university degree, although you can click here to see what’s required of aged care workers. The biggest benefit of going into this field is the high availability of jobs, which allows you to find a good fit for your skills and personality. They are also in charge of pain therapy and the likes. You can find more info here.

3. Respiratory Therapist

As the Baby Boomer generation grows, respiratory therapy is another field that is expected to see heightened demand. Respiratory therapists work with patients dealing with a variety of breathing problems, however. This includes children suffering from asthma to elderly patients receiving treatment for lung disease. Specialists must be trained in the latest therapies, and usually must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree.

4. Biomedical Engineer

Combining the high demand for technology workers with the demand for healthcare experts, students who choose to pursue biomedical engineering are virtually guaranteed a job upon graduation. High salaries are an added bonus for biomedical engineers, who create new systems, technology, and medical equipment to provide more accurate and efficient treatment for patients.

5. Medical Assistant

Finally, like dental hygienists medical assistants are also in hot demand in the healthcare industry. Oftentimes, no degree is needed to become a medical assistant. Assistants help with basic nursing tasks including giving injections, drawing blood, or prepping exam rooms for patients. There are a number of certification programs which can fast-track you for this type of in-demand position. Assistants may work in busy hospitals, nursing homes, or small town clinics.

Although all of these healthcare careers are currently in high demand, it’s important to factor in more than job security when choosing a niche to study. Think about your ability to handle stress and whether you want a 9-5 job or are willing to work odd hours. This will help you narrow down the fields of study to find the right fit!

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