GMAT format: Know before you start preparation

Have you gone through the syllabus of GMAT? Does it look lengthy? If you have explored the syllabus, you may be quite confident of the time it would take for preparation. But have you ever pondered over the type of questions you would get in GMAT? In the very first place you should bear in mind that you are not taking any local school or university level test. The test here is of global standard and certainly its patterns will remain different from the regular formats you have in the colleges or universities. Before you set out to start your preparation it is significant that you get yourself well acquainted with the GMAT format. This will not only give you an insight but will also let you know how you should prepare for the examination.

The pattern of GMAT is divided into four sections namely; Quantitative section, Verbal section, Integrated Reasoning section and Analytical Writing Assessment section. Mind you that all the sections are meant to judge your caliber from different angles and therefore you need to understand their purpose and prepare accordingly.

Many of the candidates consider Integrated Reasoning section and Analytical Writing Assessment section as less important. It is well known that only the first two sections; Quantitative and Verbal section form the main part of the score card. But you should understand that all the different sections have different purpose and all of them have equal value.

Again, you should keep in mind that GMAT is a fully computerized test and therefore you should be well versed with the use of computer applications. The best way is to practice it on the computer with the practice sets. If you find it difficult to properly work on computer, you should learn it first. Often it happens that the lack of computer proficiency negatively affects the performance of the candidates. You may be a hard working and intelligent person, but without the knowledge of GMAT format your preparation will be not satisfactory enough. One of the important facts about GMAT is the sequence of questions streaming through the special GMAT software. Starting with the medium level questions it goes either to higher or lower levels as per candidate’s performance. Even if you find yourself sufficiently confident, you should not miss the guidelines and particularly the format of the test must be clear in mind so as to attain the desired score.

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