How Investing In An Office Can Improve Your Career

Moving from a home office to an office block can be a big change to your career. It represents a big investment, where a home office is much cheaper. Also, a home office allows you to work anytime, whereas you have to commute to and from a office block. However, there are some significant advantages to moving to a corporate office, and making the change could make a big difference to your career.

Increase Your Focus

Although it’s great to be at home with your spouse and kids, home offices provide all kinds of distractions and diversions. If you’re working on a big project and your kid comes up to you wanting to play, it can be difficult to say no.

One major advantage of having an office away from your home is it will allow you to separate your “home” life from your “work” life. Instead of being constantly on the clock, you work for a set amount of time, then turn off the lights and go home for dinner.

This allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. When you’re at work, you don’t have to worry about what’s going on at home; when you’re home, you can put work out of your mind and spend time with your family, undiverted.

Appeal To Clients

When working from home, you have only a few options for meeting with clients. You can meet them in the home, which is unpredictable, overly familiar, and can be awkward. You can meet with them online, which is impersonal and leaves you faceless. You could meet with them at a café or over lunch, but this carries an air of unprofessionalism and doesn’t have the same feeling as an office setting.

Meeting with clients in an office building suggests that you are successful enough to be renting that space. It allows you to meet them in a professional, comfortable setting where you will not be distracted by loud music, crying children, or a bad internet connection. Moreover, when clients meet with you face-to-face, they aremore likely to trust you and remember the business that you did together.

Professionalism Counts

Too many entrepreneurs today are working from their home desks or even their beds, wearing sweatpants and stained t-shirts as they labor over an online-only project. By switching to an office, you project an atmosphere of professionalism. While an online startup could be a hobby, an office suggests previous success and potential for growth.

Look for an office in your area today and get started on the next step of your career. Although this can be an expensive move and the schedule can be challenging to adapt to, the potential benefits are huge. Buying office space will allow clients to take you more seriously, and allow you to take your career more seriously.  It’s a positive move.

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