How practice-in-participation helps the society

The practice-in-participation is built on the theme of monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment. Monitoring is a systematic and continuous assessment of the progress over a period of time that checks if things are going according to a plan and it enables timely adjustment to be made in a methodical way. These participatory approaches have evolved as project management tool.  It is conducted at the program planning stage also called as Ex ante Evaluation and half way through the project of Mid term evaluation and assess the effects of the project also called as End to project evaluation. Evaluations have drastic impact not only on the projects, but also on organization level, as projects are based on organization basis.
Why you should join this community?
This organization aims to bring overall development. Here are some of the reasons why you should join this community. But before that lets understand how this community brings forth economic development.
Unlike other self- help group, it is a platform where every individual has equal right in decision making. They consider it as a forum where you can voice your opinion, disseminate information and bring overall development of the nation. This society is formed with a view to provide inclusive services to the people.  It is the best way to share your experience to wider audience. If you are a practitioner, academic, researcher, community leader then consider this as the best participatory approaches to disseminate information to the grass root level.
This practice in participation is a platform that lets them to share their experience and provide them a podium where the experts can disseminate ideas on how small things can change the face of the world. Although there are enough of challenges that an individual faces, but this organization aims for inclusive development. This online resource junction is a perfect blend of interactiveness and fun.  People need to join this platform to bring overall economic development and improve the functionality of an organization. Here are some of the reasons why you should join this kind of a platform.


A resource center- It is a center of concepts, principles, methodologies tools for practitioners of participatory praxis. It will make your voice heard to the wide audience done by grass- root organization and who use participatory approaches to make a social change.
It is a platform- This is a platform to exchange voices, illustrations, innovations and challenges made a strong difference in the lives of excluded citizens around the world by disseminating knowledge from across the global South and North.
A mechanism- It is a way to articulate knowledge about the experiences and transformative practices that is not accessible to others. It is a rhythm that provides space for participatory practitioners to reflect on the practice- through the method of discussion forums and building community of shared practice.
Thus, it aims to bring economic and inclusive development of citizens who are unable to get the justice that they deserve

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