How to Incorporate Programmatic Into Your Marketing Strategy

There are two sides to programmatic marketing that you need to incorporate into your marketing strategy – find out here. The first involves Real Time Bidding (RTB) for advertising spaces and positions, and the second is the programmatic allocation of adverts on websites according to available data.


Starting out with programmatic marketing

Use Google Adwords if you are a complete novice when it comes to programmatic marketing. They have an affiliate system that is very easy to use, and if you are still unsure, you can follow their on-screen instructions or watch YouTube videos on how to create your own adverts. Start with simple text adverts and you can have your ads running within just ten minutes.Get more information on marketing to have more growth.

You will be asked for a daily spend limit, and you should set it low to start with, and you will be asked for a keyword bid price. This is how much you pay every time somebody clicks on an advert after finding your advert with the keyword in question. For example, is somebody types “carrots” into Google and carrots is one of your keywords, then you will be charged your bid price every time somebody clicks on your advert.

Do not be too worried about the high bid prices at first. Set your bid prices low to begin with and ignore the recommended bid prices. After two days, go back to Google Adwords and it will show far lower bid prices that you can choose to help expose your adverts more.

Paid affiliate marketing

Direct programmatic marketing includes having your adverts spawn on websites according to other data. The most commonly used data is cookies. A viewer may have been looking at an item such as a cheese grater that you sell on your eCommerce website, and a cookie may have been placed on the users’ system. When the user is on another website, your cookie may be used to determine what type of adverts that user sees, and ergo that user may see adverts for cheese graters.

Luckily for you, you will not have to do any programming or affiliate deal making. You simply use a digital marketing company and/or affiliate company. They are the ones that set up deals with different websites and install the programming. They will even help ensure your website uses cookies and inserts them into people’s computers.

The affiliate company’s systems are also the ones that do the programmatic ad buying. The level of targeting involved is rather high, and it does depend on a user visiting your website, but it can help to rope people back to your website for a conversion.

What about social media programmatic marketing

Just like the search engines, social media also has affiliate programs with bidding systems. Joining their affiliate programs is not that dissimilar to joining affiliate programs for the search engines. In fact, if you want to appear on Google’s YouTube and Google+, then it is almost identical to joining and using Google Adwords.

What about the adverts themselves?
If you are going for text-based adverts, then your job is an easy one. You can knock up a text advert in minutes and have it online within a quarter of an hour. If you want moving adverts or image-based adverts, then you are going to need a designer and maybe even a programmer. At this point, your expenses are likely to shoot upwards, but there are some industries where static and dynamic images will convert better than text. For example, if you are advertising a job or the sale of your old settee, then text adverts are fine. If you are advertising a movie, or a new range of TVs, then images will convert better than text.

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