The Importance of Quality Nurses

Are you thinking of using RN to BSN online courses to bolster your education and open up new career doors? Taking that one step alone will make you more desirable as a nurse and it will also demonstrate that you’re dedicated to a career rather than just a job. Getting a BSN will put you a step ahead of other RNs because the bottom line is that many employers consider a nurse with a degree (rather than a diploma) is a smarter healthcare professional who has better insight into caring for patients, managing staff and dealing with the continuously updated innovations in patient care. If a job slot is open and the choice is between an RN and a BSN, more often than not the BSN will be chosen to fill that slot-regardless of experience. Education will nearly always win out. Some hospitals are even starting to require a degree rather than a diploma according to this New York Times article, and that seems to be a trend will only strengthen over time.


The importance of quality nurses cannot be understated and using RN to BSN online courses is a great way to carve a niche for yourself in the constantly changing world of healthcare. You’ve worked really hard to get that RN diploma, especially if you’ve had no experience in healthcare prior to nursing school. But now that you’ve gotten your nursing care feet wet, so to speak, utilizing one of the many RN to BSN online courses is a great gift you can give yourself and that gift won’t be nearly as difficult to obtain as you might think. Getting your BSN will open career options you may have never considered. You could work in the obstetrics field helping with pregnancy and DNA paternity tests. Nurses can also work as caregivers or in a senior home caring for the elderly. This will keep you refreshed and well rounded both as a nurse and as a person by giving you a far greater degree of job mobility as well as the experience of being able to choose where you want to work, rather than hoping to be chosen for a job. Getting your BSN will help you better understand more of the how’s and why’s of patient care, rather than just the mechanics of a treatment.

There is a wealth of options available to you when choosing RN to BSN online courses. One of the best things about this choice to retool your nursing status is that you can do it while you are working. You decide how quickly you get your BSN, meaning no lost time at work for schooling. You chose to become a nurse. You chose to devote a few years of your life to hard studies, stressful testing and the rest. Shouldn’t you choose to be the best nurse you can be?

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