Interview?? Excellent.. Job?? No.. WHY !!

Never let your guards down !!

Not while on the peak of the cliff.

Not while on the top of the 30 storey building.

And definitely not while on the verge of winning an interview. NEVER.

“Let the guards down”– An idiom to express the relaxation, and get unconscious enough to reveal the true emotions. It is always penalizing to get emotionally relaxed in a formal place like an interview chamber. Worse still, right before the moment when one is about to earn the position, that is, an excellent interview been concluded by a slight drift of emotion, that results in “Sorry, better luck next time.”


Interviewer, Not a Friend…

The interview chamber is not the socializing club. Formalities and professionalism are the main aspects here. Remember, not to get informal, even for the slightest moment, as that is likely to reveal the emotional trait of your personality, that may pull you back. There are no friends around, just the interviewer. And this interviewer has his own objective of selecting the best people for his Organization, not the friends, he may be having a plenty already !!

Never Criticize The Previous Employers…

This goes without saying. Not a hint of the hard relations between you and your earlier employers, if there were any, or else it is the time to quit the interview yourself, without even bothering to complete that. It is absolutely against the work ethics, to discuss the personal relations. Definitely not during the interview hour.

No Discussions Off The Track…

Be straight. Be precise. Try to answer the very question that was asked, nothing more, nothing less. It directly reflects the attentiveness with which the question was heard. There may be queries about the former team members, and with a high probability, about the team relationships if the job demands a team leader. The objective is to comprehend the team building capabilities, so be careful not to discuss the individual relationships and the mannerisms within the former team structure. Nobody is ever interested in spending the valuable time listening Epics.

Reveal Attentiveness…

It is not enough to listen to the question, rather it is equally important to show that you are listening. It should reflect by the sitting posture, the body language, the straight face, and the intriguing eyes. In most of the cases, the attentive attitude and the way you answered becomes the major reason of success, than the answer itself.

Consciousness Up To The Finish Line…

Are you done?? Be conscious. Take a moment to think whether all the queries were answered to the complete effectiveness. Take this opportunity to ask the interviewer if there is anything else expected at your end. This makes a difference, and gives you a big leap in competing against the other candidates.

Finally, end the interview with a straight posture, a professional smile, and a firm hand-shake, just the same way you did as you entered. Everything during the interview room should be the perfect balance of NO MORE NO LESS.

So, keep your guards up all the time, go ahead, CRACK THE INTERVIEW…


This article is contributed by Simmon Pierre, who is associated with which is a leading Preschool in Agoura Hills. 

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