Is LG’s KizOn a Paranoid Parent’s Friend or Foe?


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Are you concerned about the safety of your kids while they’re out of your sight? Being a parent is a tough job. It’s impossible to keep an eye on them 24 hours a day and when they are out playing with their friends or travelling somewhere new, it’s only natural to be concerned.


Well, now LG have launched a new piece of tech that can put your mind at ease. The KizOn app allows you to see exactly where your child is. However, is being able to keep tabs on your kids really such a good thing?


KizOn: what is it?

According to The Drum, KizOn is a kit that looks a lot like a watch. It goes around your child’s wrist and uses GPS and Wi-Fi to provide you with an exact location.


The watch sends the locational information to either your tablet or mobile phone. This kit isn’t just great for keeping an eye on the location of your kids; it’s also a great communication tool.


How does it work?

There’s a one-step, direct call feature which allows your kids to call you by simply pressing a button. They don’t have to actually type in the number. So if they do get lost or if something happens, they can ring to let you know. You are also able to phone them too.


It doesn’t stop there either. What if you can’t get hold of your kids? Well, there’s a useful feature that allows you to hear what your child is doing if they haven’t answered after three missed calls. The microphone on the watch kit allows you to hear everything that’s happening.


It’s designed with a battery life of 36 hours and when it becomes available you’ll be able to choose from blue, green or pink.


When it comes to keeping your kids safe, this can be a great piece of equipment to have. There are so many things you can do to ensure your child’s safety these days. Child safe websites are something else you should consider as protecting your kids while they are online should be a priority in this day and age.


Could KizOn be a bad thing?

While many parents will be excited about this new device, others are somewhat sceptical. There’s an argument that the device will fuel parent paranoia.


One reason why KizOn is getting so much negative media is because it focuses purely on the parents. The kids wear the watch-like device, yet there’s very little they can do on it. There’s no educational value and it isn’t fun for them to wear. Sure they may be temporarily happy with the new coloured accessory on their arm. However, it is likely boredom will soon set in.


The key issue some people are worried about is the fact the device takes away the child’s privacy. There’s a worry that it will teach them from an early age that their privacy isn’t important. This can have negative effects later on in life.


In current media there’s a debate going on about adults fighting to save their privacy from the government. Privacy is a big thing and it’s something everybody is entitled to. You could argue that young children need to be monitored and there is some truth in that. It’s just finding the right balance between monitoring them and letting them know privacy is important.


Another potential problem could be the fact that your kids could lose the device. The watch-like design is supposed to make it harder for kids to take off. However, it isn’t impossible.


You know from your own experience that young children can lose anything. So you’re basically relying on the fact that they won’t figure out how to take it off. Say in the worst case scenario, your child is taken. What’s to stop the kidnapper from taking the watch off? These are just some of the things you need to consider.


There’s no denying KizOn could be a potentially big step for parents in terms of keeping an eye on their kids. However, there are a lot of things that need to be considered. While KizOn could help to give you a peace of mind, it could also fuel your paranoia.

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