One-to-one tuition to bring out the best in your child

Many parents now are using the services of private tutoring agencies to help their children achieve their maximum potential. Fleet Tutors can provide the personalised service to help you see what your child is truly capable of and give them a love of learning.

With the regular amendments to the curriculum by which children are taught in state schools and the variety of focus to be found across the independent sector, it’s worrying to note just how many children can pass through their compulsory education career without truly discovering the extent of their own personal academic abilities. Whether the problem is a lack of attention to the individual child’s learning style, or that the subject matter is being taught to pass a specific test rather than exploring all that the topic has to offer, the education that a child receives in school is being delivered to a large group at once, in a standard method, to achieve a set target for the school population as a whole.

Our private tutors recognize that each student has his/her own way of absorbing information and everyone will find different aspects of a subject more engaging than others. With this in mind, the tutor will work closely with your family to discover the most effective way of teaching your child; with the benefit of one-to-one focus which ensures that only the needs of that one child form the basis for the structure of each session.

Subjects and age ranges
We understand how important it is to tailor our tutoring to the learner, according to both their age and ability level, as well as to focus on the subject requiring the most detailed attention. Learners develop new skills and approaches to learning, each new skill set building on and adding to previous methodology. Our tutors will adapt what they teach to the relevant stage of education, the required curriculum content and the areas of interest that the student finds most engaging, to make learning enjoyable and valuable.

Adult students
We don’t just teach school age children. We also employ tutors able to teach adults who are studying for further education or professional qualifications. This can be arranged privately in the home or via one of our corporate packages with on-site tutoring in the place of work. As with our educational subject tutors, all our tutors are fully qualified to teach their subject to the required standard for the adult learner.

Our tutors measure their own success by the progress made by your child. This will be discussed with you when the initial consultation takes place, to ensure both parties understand and agree the goals that both tutor and learner are working towards. If you want to see your child fulfill their true potential, let our highly qualified tutors show you how beneficial private tutoring can be.

Zoe Johnson has worked for several years in a variety of education fields and settings and has researched the results of #private tutors. She now works as a consultant and writes for several websites and blogs on educational matters. The opinions expressed about educational policy are those of the author and not the publisher. For further information about the benefits of personal tutoring, visit this

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