Prove Your Expertise In Cloud Environment And Get VCP – Cloud Certified


VCP – cloud certification will certify the applicant for their skills of installing, configuring and administering a cloud environment using the vcloud directors and other related components. This certification proves that the professional has the core vsphere expertise in approaching data virtualization through the cloud through designing and controlling vapps, service catalogs, and provides VDCs and through supervising cloud enabled storage and networking. VCP is provided under the VMware Certification.

What this exam proves:

After the candidate achieves the VCP – cloud certification this certification certifies that the certificate holder have basic knowledge and understanding about installing, deploying, scaling and managing VMware conditions successfully. It also ensures that the candidate has the understanding and expertise in basic concepts of cloud infrastructure including multi-tenancy, cloud security and private, public, or hybrid cloud.

Prerequisites of VCP – cloud certification:

To get VCP – cloud certification there are two paths:

Path 1:

  1. Get a VMware certified Professional 5 – datacenter virtualization (VCP5 – DV)
  • By attending VMware vSphere course

  2.   Clear the IaaS certification exam

  • By attending VMware vCloud director: deploying and managing the VMware cloud.

Path 2:

  1. Attend a certifying course
  • Installing, configuring and managing [V5.1]: VMware cloud directors
  • Deploying and managing the VMware cloud [V1.5]: VMware vcloud

 2.  Clear the VCP – cloud exam

  • To get the VCP cloud certification the candidate has to pass VCP – cloud certification exam with exam code VCPC510 exam

Exam code: VCPC510

Targeted audience:

The candidates that can apply for VCP – cloud certification exams are system engineers, cloud administrators, consultants and data center administrators.

VCP – cloud exam language:

VCP – cloud certification exam will be taken in English language.

Number of questions in the VCP – cloud exam:

There will be 240 questions in the VCP cloud certification exam and 10 questions of the pre exam survey.

Time allowed completing the VCP – cloud exam:

Candidates will be allowed 225 minutes to complete all the questions in the exam and 15 additional minutes to complete the questions of pre exam survey. A candidate can ask for the extra 30 minutes to complete the exam if he is not English language.

Passing score of the VCP – cloud exam:

The passing score for VCP – cloud certification exam is 300 using the 100 – 500 scale scoring method. Candidate have to get at least 300 score if he want to get VCP – cloud certification.

Exam preparation and training:

VMware provides exam preparation and training material for the candidates applying for the VCP – cloud certification exam. They offers self passed courses, online courses and classroom training courses that can build virtualization understanding and expertise required to transform IT you can choose the one that best suits you. VMware offers learning resources such as practice exams with the help of leading publications, content experts and practice exam providers. The Passcertification offers a handy useful Exam Questions & Answers. These practice exams can help the candidate to get trained and mentally prepared for the actual exam and can concentrate on the exam well. The candidate must take these preparation and training material provided by VMware for the preparation of VCP – cloud certification exam to test their skills.

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