Research Grants From The GSA

Graduate students who need help paying for the research they must do in school must look carefully for grant opportunities, because they are not quite as prevalent for graduate students as for those seeking undergraduate degrees. Many graduate students find the best source of grants is private organizations. The Geological Society of America is one private organization that offers student research grants to those in research based graduate degree programs. They do so in order to promote further geological research projects.

The GSA grant program is only for those who are seeking advanced degrees in the geological sciences. About half of all of those who apply are approved for funding through the program. The grant program is only open to members of the GSA. However, it is open to both Americans and non-Americans. Applicants must have current enrollment in a college or university in America, Canada, Mexico, or Central America. The applicants must already be pursuing an earth science degree that has a geologic component to qualify for the grant.

The grant is available for students twice, once on the Master’s level, and once on the doctorate level. The amount of money awarded to students who are approved for this program varies, but the maximum award is no more than $4,000 total per student. The amount awarded will be based on the expenses necessary to complete the research project, so students applying for this grant must carefully fill out the application, showing details about the research they will be doing.

Students who apply for these grants must submit a research proposal that indicates the line of research they will pursue as they get their degrees. Thecollege grant application review board will hand out grants based on these lines of research. Those students with the lines of research that have the most scientific merit will be awarded grants. The money is used for items that will help the student with his or her research. These might include travel costs to take the student to the research area, the cost of room and board, supplies, university research equipment, and even specialized equipment necessary for the project. These are all necessary parts of an advanced degree program. The money cannot, however, be used for tuition or standard research equipment. The GSA will be appraised about the research through an electronic progress report form submitted the year after the money was given to the student.

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