Starting a computer science career in the modern Arab world

Making the choice to study abroad is a bold but brilliant step towards your future career. When deciding on what and where to study, the two factors you should first take into consideration are: quality of life on-campus and career prospects for graduates.

Choosing to study computer science in the UAE is definitely worth looking into if you want to live in a diverse and exciting setting, knowing that there are plentiful relevant vacancies waiting to be filled upon graduation. Let’s take a look in more detail.

Computer science

Acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering degree can open you up to a world of jobs including: software developer, systems analyst, system architect, technical writer, network managers and IT consultants.

This involves using mathematical analysis to design, implement and evaluate computer systems. It also enables you to solve computer problems, making you a bit of a hero in whichever company you decide to work for! These skills can be applied to a range of industries ranging from e-commerce, to video gaming, and even to space. You can visit Cognitive & Information Sciences – UC Merced website to see how they incorporate computer science to the course.

Growing industry in UAE

A local study by Strategy& consulting firm and Abu Dhabi media regulator twofour54 shows that e-commerce is estimated to grow by 13% each year up to 2019 and video gaming is expected to treble in size by 2022 (to $4.4 billion!) These burgeoning industries are driven by the mobile revolution and create jobs for developers and consultants.

Reports also show that the growing number of mechanical and computer engineering graduates are looking to work in collaboration with British companies. This will help the UAE to further develop its technologies in space, aerospace and defence, thus requiring more filled posts.

Gaps in industry have been highlighted by the Dubai International Academic City; IT strategy being the most crucial gap in the technology sector and 60% of companies claiming that there is a serious lack in product development skills. Qualified graduates with a strong theoretical and practical background in these areas could change this data in the future.

Studying in the UAE

The UAE is a place of transformation, making it a pretty exciting part of the world to be based in right now. Dubai is an Emirate of grandeur and vastness, whereas Sharjah offers a quieter and steadier pace of life (you’ll need a car if you want to get out and about!). English is widely spoken and an estimated 88% of the population were expats in 2011. This gives you the opportunity to explore a rainbow of cultures and meet new friends.

A lot of pride is taken in Emirati education, with large and small institutions that are accredited by leading bodies such as the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, like the American University of Sharjah. Alumni have said that they feel very safe when studying in the modern Arab world and enjoyed the small class sizes. Some warn to be prepared about the strict dress code, which is easy to accidentally break.

Take some time to seriously consider what you want for the future before making these all important decisions. If it is a prosperous career in an innovative world that tempts you, then computer science may be your window of opportunity. 

Image by Ubuntu Party, used under the Creative Commons license. 

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