Taking Your GED Online

GEDLogoLargeOne of the more recent and convincing scams on the internet today attacks something many of us view as sacred: education. A plethora of websites have appeared advertising their offering of the GED (general education diploma) online, and if you pass, a few hundred dollars later you will have your certificate in the mail! From here you can apply to universities, get a better job, and jump start yourself into a better life.

Unfortunately this is a complete scam, and actually illegal in twenty states, however in the vastly unregulated world of the internet, thousands of people are still scammed each year into purchasing their newly earned GED Diploma Online. Studies have shown that people with high school diplomas average a higher earnings per year and a higher standard of living than those without their GED or high school diploma.

 At the present time, the United States certified GED test is not available online, and it does not seem to be a pressing concern. Just as you are required to show up to the department of motor vehicles to take your drivers test, your GED is something you must show up for.

However, there is a bit of a loophole that degree seekers may take advantage of; while the GED test is unavailable online, there are many online high-schools and these produce real high school diplomas. There is a difference between the general education diploma and a high school diploma, and it is the lowered requirements to achieve a general education diploma versus a high school diploma. So for those committed to their advancement, and want to achieve it through the internet, enrolling in an online high-school is an option. Make certain the high-school is run through a “.edu” website, which are strongly regulated by the government, so you will be guaranteed the institution is accredited. If you decide to go this legitimate route, be aware it will be more difficult than the scam sites. That’s why they’re scams! The real GED test that is proctored is a seven-hour exam with two breaks. Online high-school will require more time than this since they use an online exam proctoring software, but is the only legitimate method to acquire a GED/HS diploma equivalent online.

The most important thing to do is thorough research. Make sure when looking at a possible site that you check it out carefully, cross-reference it and contact someone, or several someones at the school to make sure it is real. This is the best way to protect yourself, your money, and avoid possibly breaking the law. If you have any short tests that immediately say you have passed and ask for credit card information this is a huge red flag! And once you’re sure a site is a scam, do us all a favor and report it! In the world of internet scammers and tricks, everyone is responsible to help police the internet from those looking to capitalize and take advantage of people simply looking to better their lives. Don’t let it happen to you, or anyone you know.

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