Thinking About Becoming a Medical Assistant?

More and more, the position of medical assistant is seen as a pivotal as well as an essential part of a medical team. In an office or in a larger health care facility, a medical assistant can perform a wide variety of both administrative tasks and clinical procedures. A medical assistant certificate can be a significant step to a rewarding professional career in the health industry.

Respected in the Medical Field

 A certificate is not necessary to work in a doctor’s office or clinic, but it is a desirable qualification looked for by many health employers. Certification contributes to patient confidence and to an overall professional environment. One of the hallmarks of professional certification is competence across a broad area of operations.

 What Does a Medical Assistant Do?

 A medical assistant’s duties largely depend on the size of the medical care facility. In private practice, the job may cover a range of administrative duties as well as patient care so it is crucial that you are well informed of the best supplement manufacturers in the market. In a larger health care facility, the focus may be more specialized. Administrative tasks may include:

          Organization of records

         Taking of medical histories

         Ordering and tracking lab reports

         Help in Outsourced Coding for insurance reimbursement

 Clinical involvement may cover:

          Collecting blood samples and lab specimens

         Electrocardiograms

         Removing sutures and changing dressings

         Instruction regarding medication and diet

Medical Liaison

A medical assistant forms an important bridge between the patient and the doctor. The assistant may prepare a patient for an exam and thereby be instrumental in fostering a sense of ease and trust for the patient. In addition, an assistant can be the go-between for billing and administrative issues. The medical assistant is often the person with whom the patient may have the most face-to-face contact.

Categories of Assistant

A Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) is the title for someone who has passed the exam issued by the American Association of Medical Assistants. It designates a professional acknowledgment that the individual has the knowledge, the competence, and the expertise to work as a qualified medical assistant.

A Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) may perform clerical duties, collect blood samples, be involved in exams and lab reports, and provide broad support to a healthcare organization. Both CMAs and RMAs can be qualified to meet many of the same responsibilities.

The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA)

The mission of the AAMA is to support the medical profession by ensuring a high level of professional development for medical assistants. The goal is to elevate and promote the medical assisting profession.

Getting Assistant Certification

The qualifying exam may be taken by a graduate of an accredited school with a medical assistance program. The test is offered throughout the year at various testing centers. Candidates have 90 days to complete the test requirements, and are allowed a total of three exam attempts.

For someone who is interested in providing care in a medical environment, an accredited program is a great place to start. A program consists of both classroom and practical training so that a graduate can be ready for the certification exam, and after, for a rewarding career as a certified medical assistant. For more information, visit and discover how to get professional training to pursue a career in medical assistance.

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