Tips to Increase Your Rideshare Earnings

The gig economy has taken on an increasing amount of importance in the worldwide marketplace.

Students, professionals, stay-at-home parents, retirees and pretty much every group of people you can think of participate in the gig economy and the reasons are pretty simple.

It gives them the opportunity to earn extra money, on their terms and in a flexible way that still gives them freedom.

One of the most popular ways to earn money is by driving for a rideshare service such as Uber or Lyft, but how can you maximize your earnings? There are tools for passengers to estimate fare and sites that provide them with promo codes and discounts, but what should drivers know when it comes to making the most money?

Get To Know The Work

There’s actually a lot to learn when it comes to driving for a rideshare company, but too often new drivers will dive in head first and think there’s nothing they need to know.

There is a learning curve, so give yourself that opportunity if you do want to make the most money.

Before you even start driving, you should consider looking at groups, message boards and blogs focused on being a rideshare driver. You’ll find the best advice from the people who have been in the same position as you and also save yourself some headaches.

Follow the Night Owls

Some downsides come with focusing primarily on passengers who are enjoying the nightlife and have likely been drinking, but the money is going to be good.

Learn when bars close in your area and also when people tend to head out, and try to focus your drive time on these windows. And if you’ve had a previous drunk driving violation then make sure to hire a las vegas dui attorney just in case you need one in the future.

You also want to think not only about when there’s going to be the most demand, but also the fewest available drivers. You may end up doing the late night shifts, but you’re going to make the most money.

Also, think about the times that other drivers might not be out, such as early mornings when people are going to the airport (or finally returning home after a long night out).

You may have to do some experimentation to find the sweet spot in your area, but once you do you can work fewer hours and make more money.

Use the Passenger App

As a driver, you want to know where other drivers are, so you can make sure you’re not spending your time in a place that’s already oversaturated. If you’re only using your driver app, you can’t determine that since you just see your passenger’s information.

To combat this, use the passenger version of the app as well.

This will show you where other drivers are, so you can know whether or not you’re in the right place and what other cars are in the area.

Finally, rideshare apps like Uber will often send out texts and alerts to drivers, letting them know where they should go, especially during surge times. Ignore these.

You want to be able to meet the demand of an area without having too much other driver competition, and you have to realize every other driver is getting the same texts. Following these texts is often going to lead to wasted time that you could have spent elsewhere.


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