Top Tips for Studying at Home During the Summer

It doesn’t matter if you’re 14 and you’ve just broken up from school for the summer, or if you’re an adult who has been taking a course for work purposes or even just to learn something that you’ve always wanted to study but never got around to; your approach to learning changes when the sun comes out. It can also be difficult to concentrate when it’s too hot inside your home. You can contact an air conditioning contractor from Penrith to have a cooling system installed in your house. There’s something about the summer that makes people think ‘summer holiday’, and they don’t intend to pick up a book again until the autumn unless they really have to.


This can be difficult if, as mentioned, you’re studying something extra curricular, either through home, distance or online learning or through work. After all, many people are encouraged to take courses as part of their career development and finding the inspiration to study after a long, hard day at work can be difficult. The key is engagement, and finding a way to keep the person interested in what it is they’re supposed to be learning about. If it’s an uninteresting subject, on the surface, you need to find a new way of making it interesting.


One way of doing this is to break up the blocks of constant text with images, video and audio so that it doesn’t just look like endless blocks of text. Many people are visual learners and take in more information from what they see rather than trying to decipher paragraph after paragraph. It could be that the best way is to use pictures, graphs and – if online – infographics, which are taking the world of digital media by storm with hundreds of shares via social networks.


Another great way is through eBooks, because people just can’t seem to put down their gadgets at the moment. Traditional printed texts still have an appeal, but digital versions engage with the user and encourage them to press buttons and, it has been proven in various studies, that people feel more relaxed when using an eBook compared to the more formal, printed texts which make them feel as though they’re back in the classroom.


A lot of educational material is now available in electronic format, meaning that even going away on holiday won’t disrupt your plans. Many holidaymakers have to make the choice between an eReader and a printed book, and now thanks to screens that don’t glare in the sunlight and the ability to take numerous texts on one device, eReaders are becoming the device of choice so you can pack it with all of your materials and jet off without having to carry a textbook!


Having access to a clean study space is also likely to inspire you to keep studying throughout the summer, which can be made difficult when dealing with a house full of children on holiday from school. This might be the ideal time to encourage them to throw away, donate or recycle the things they no longer need or use, so that you get the house tidied, get rid of the horrible items and end up with a space where you can study in a relaxed manner without having to stress about housework. You can read this article for more home maintenance tips.


A final tip is something that many people do naturally, and that’s to try and stay active. Throughout the summer, sitting around the house or garden can become tedious after a while and many will look for anything they can find to get on their feet or to keep their minds active. Take this opportunity to study, even going into the garden to enjoy the sunshine, and you’ll soon find that the studying is as natural as it would be in a classroom, (only more fun).

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