Useful Tips To Make Your Interview A Great Success

o-14-INTERVIEW-QUESTIONS-THAT-REVEAL-EVERYTHING-facebookAfter the initial application hurdles are crossed, comes the stage that people fear the most, the interview. This stage also tends to get the most rigorous, since a major amount of elimination is done here by the selectors. However, there is no need to despair when it comes to cracking interviews. All you need to do is be well prepared and at the actual time, just sit back and relax.

If you have just finished your correspondence MBA and are looking for a job, here is some advice:

1.  Find out about the company

This is one of the most common things about interview preparation. If a company just called you and scheduled an interview, the first thing is to find out about them. Log on and go through their website. Not only that, check articles and blogs about the company as well. Find out about some of the work they do and their major achievements.

2.  Dress well for the final day

Like it or not, appearances matter and so do lasting first impressions. You need to dress appropriately for the interview so that you make a good impression on the selectors. Wear formal shirts, trousers, ties for the guys and formal shoes. Your attire doesn’t have to be expensive or flashy. Just be neatly dressed to convey respect.

3.  Interview skills

Interview skills include various aspects like answering and asking questions, tone, body language, etiquette and so on. Remember that this is of all importance. Whatever you say or do is bound to have a lasting effect and may make or break your chances of employment. The way you talk, the way you sit, or gesticulate; all these are small but vital factors that interviewers look out for.

4.  Practice and more practice

If you think that your interview skills aren’t up to the mark, then start practicing with a friend or family member. Get a list of the typical interview questions that are asked at the interview, prepare a few model answers and go over these again and again. With repeated practice, you will lose your nervousness and wont fumble for words when it comes to the real deal. With solid practice, you might just get that dream job after you are done with your correspondence mba degree.

5.  Avoid the usual pitfalls

There are a few common errors that interview candidates often make, jeopardising their chances of employment. For example, arriving late or dressing inappropriately are big blunders. It shows a lack of respect and management for your employment. Some people make a big mistake of bringing a coffee or tea to the interview. If you need to drink up some energy then do it before the interview.

6.  Give a thank you note

After the interview, take the time to thank all the interviewers. It is not only good manners but it also shows that you are really interested in the job.

These are some of the tips that you should follow while getting ready for an important job interview. Follow these tips to the book and you will have a great interview and possibly land the great job that you deserve.

About the author

Ray Johns runs his own career counselling agency for graduates. He also counsels potential students on the pros and cons of correspondence mba. He has been counselling graduate students for the past ten years and has wriiten online articles on career guidance. In his spare time,. Ray is an adrenaline junkie and loves trekking and rock climbing with his friends and children. 

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