Building Your Résumé? Try Volunteering Abroad

After those gruelling four or five years studying and surviving to get out, you finally get what you want – graduated from college, but unemployed. You are expected now by your peers and family to get a job in a few months to help support your family or cover your living expenses. Having a job also enables you to explore your passion further in a professional setting. What’s that college degree for if you’re not going to use it? So, before landing any job offers, you have to create your résumé. For most employers, you should present them with an impressive résumé, so you can get hired. If you need to you can find more information on Resume Atelier’s ats friendly resume template here. Most outstanding applications have an expanse of experience in extra-curricular activities and academic achievements during college. If you lack this experience, then you might want to try volunteering abroad to help make your résumé par excellence.

What’s with volunteering abroad?

According to, volunteering abroad is one of the most exceptional opportunities that our age of globalization continues to offer. Before, the extent of your impact in the community might have remained in that area. You can now help out with different causes abroad; hence, strengthening global relations and speeding up problems that need international efforts. With the use of the internet, opportunities like this are not as rare as before. As a start, you can check out websites of non-governmental organisations like that of Frontier. You can apply online and volunteer abroad with Frontier. A lot of people can attest to the numerous advantages which volunteering abroad can give, and some of these are listed here below.


Lets you meet new people

Different nations have different citizens, and with volunteering abroad, you inevitably meet foreigners. You can get to know them, their culture, and how it shapes them as a person, hence, expanding your social network along the way. Who knows, the first person you meet once you land in South Africa may be your future best friend? The people that you encounter can be your character references in your résumé.

Gives various work opportunities

Even though you majored in, let’s say, forensic science, volunteering abroad lets you do more than what your expertise offers. Nations have different niches; thus, being abroad exposes you to opportunities depending on what that host country confidently provides. You can learn acupuncture from China, and you can learn recipes for curry from India. These newfound skills can improve your résumé as well as your life, in general.

Helps advocacy

Probably the most important of all, if an employer sees that you are helping out a particular cause by volunteering abroad, they can get the impression that you will be an empathetic and strong-willed employee. This experience then makes you hireable, especially if applying for organisations that fight for a cause.

Your unemployment is not something that you should be scared of as it can be relieved by volunteering abroad. With the numerous opportunities it offers, volunteering abroad can surely get you hired in a minute. However, you must be quick in applying as most opportunities are for a limited time.