Childrens Scholarship Fund

Parents of underprivileged children often wish there were a way they could afford a private education for their kids. Day after day they send their children to under-performing schools, only to have them come home talking of gangs and drugs, rather than math and science. The Children’s Scholarship Fund recognizes that education starts long before college and has provided a way for some children to receive assistance to attend private schools and kid’s online programs so that they can better prepare for their future education.

The Childrens Scholarship Fund was established in 1998, and since that time over 1.25 million children have applied for scholarships. The Children’s Scholarship Fund does not provide full-ride scholarships. Rather, they pay a portion of the tuition, and the parents must pay the rest. On average, parents participating in this program pay half of their child’s education costs.

Who can qualify for this program? The Children’s Scholarship Fund has set up income guidelines in each state where it operates. These guidelines are similar to the guidelines for the Federal school lunch program. Family size and income are both accounted for when deciding whether or not a family qualifies for assistance. Also, only children in Kindergarten through 8th grade can get assistance through the Children’s Scholarship Fund.

Parents who would like to apply for this program need to visit the organization’s website and find the link to the office nearest them. This link will say if there are any scholarships currently being offered. If there is an office in your area that is currently offering scholarships, you will need to choose a private school as well. Then, contact the office and find out how to apply.

The Children’s Scholarship Fund also puts out a regular newsletter called Required Reading. This publication highlights the efforts of the members within the organization, including places where they have spoken and awards they have received. Some students who have achieved great things academically within the program are also highlighted.

Perhaps you are not a low-income parent looking for a scholarship, but would like to help this organization. You can give a charitable donation to the Children’s Scholarship Fund to help underprivileged kids get a good education. It costs just $700 to support a child for one year in the program, as the Children’s Scholarship Fund will match your donation, and the child’s family will also pay a portion of the educational expenses. That is a small price to pay to ensure that today’s kids are educated as they should be.