Why Choose A Career In Health And Safety

If you feel unsatisfied with your current job, a career change may be just what you need.. If you decide to make the leap, it is important to apply for jobs in an area you are truly interested in.


For those who are interested in working in a health and safety environment, there are numerous companies that offer the training and professional courses required. By consulting health and safety training experts, such as Phoenix Health and Safety, you can find the information and gain the qualifications that you need to embark on your new career path. Below are the main reasons why many want to pursue a career in health and safety.

The Salary

The average starting salary for a health and safety professional is £25,000, rising to over £32,000 after three years experience. This is way above the national average for graduates so those deciding to go into a career in health and safety straight from university are on a fast track to making good money. For those who are transferring from another skilled job then there are exciting opportunities to be had, this is a growing industry and for those who stay long enough the chance to earn in excess of £50,000 is a very real possibility.


Unlike many jobs, there is a real chance to grow and progress with a career in health and safety. The fact that it is now a legal requirement for businesses to have their work and premises inspected means that there are always jobs available. These requirements mean that there are a large number of professional and recognised qualifications to do and you can become a specialist in a whole host of areas. These awards and certificates can really help to boost your CV and put you in a good position for promotion.

Growing industry

Health and safety is big business and, with the industry constantly evolving thanks to government legislation, jobs in this sector are very secure. There are now firm rules in place as to what is required from a business and these regulations must be overseen by qualified professionals. Obtaining the relevant qualifications to become a health and safety inspector or surveyor, gives applicants the opportunity to work all over the world.

Job Satisfaction

Whether you are an in-house health and safety officer or working as an inspector for a specialist company, the satisfaction in completing the job is the same. If the work that you do in the day means that you can go home at night feeling like you have helped others from preventing an injury, then this is a huge positive.