Cisco Scaling Your IT Career Higher


The path to excellence requires a lot of hard work from the involved parties. It also requires that people endorse your excellence you must hold some form of certification. Cisco Systems products are designed to offer certifications for IT Professionals. There are several advanced level certification courses awarded from Cisco Certifications systems and CCNP. In addition to becoming a Cisco certified network professional, it is worthwhile looking into the best brand in the comptia it fundamentals industry to ensure one is certified in everything one wants to do.

Cisco Certified Network Professional certifies the ability to design, implement, validate and troubleshoot local and wide-area operation networks and work collaboratively with professionals on advanced security, voice, wireless and video problems.  It authenticates knowledge and proficiencies required to mount, configure, and troubleshoot congregated local and wide-area networks with a hundred to five hundred or more end- appliances. A valid CCNA certification is a prerequisite in order to get hold of a CCNP certification

Path to certification

There are two options that a candidate can choose from as they work towards their certification. The two testing options can be one that takes a four exam course or one that applies the two exam process. The four exam path will include the following: (BSCI) Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks, (BCMSN) Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks, (BCRAN) Building Cisco Remote Access Networks and the (CIT) Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting. The three exams channel is not preferred by many candidates. It consists of the composite exam, combining the BSCI and BCMSN, the (BCRAN) Building Cisco Remote Access Networks and the (CIT) Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting. You first need to make a choice on which of the two possibilities you are going to choose.

Important thing to be done before getting into it

Preparation determines the outcome of our endeavor to get certification. Whether we will be successful or not is based on how well we prepare for this process. First thing that one needs to do is to develop the right attitude towards the course. Many candidates fail the CCNP exam because they did not have the correct mental approach to the whole idea. Candidates who adopt a hesitant, “I might not pass” approach to their study are just programming themselves to fail dismally.  Have the right frame of mind and eliminate any negative thoughts. An “I am definitely passing this exam” attitude will not only boost your confidence but also go a long way to motivate you to study for the exam.

The foundation

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) forms the foundation of the cisco learning. Before attempting to get your CCNP Certification, solidify the foundation, it is important to look into what you studied for the CCNA. Look for particular weak spots that you may have had to get by with on the CCNA exam. If you have a weak spot, or a technology you’re not comfortable with look for ways to fix them because, they truly going to be exposed at the CCNP level.

The exam

When you go for the exam, you’ll first be presented with a five minute survey of 10 to 20 questions asking about your background, preparation methods, and comfort level with different technologies. Then an exam tutorial will be brought exhibiting you how to answer the different types of questions you may encounter. Finally, the exam starts!


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