The Continued Growth of the International American University Movement

Plenty of criticism has been heaped on American colleges in recent years, so it might come as a surprise to some that the American university model is actually admired in many countries. Major international schools that have modeled themselves after universities in the United States are offering quality educational programs. Some of these schools have even improved on the model, and they actually rival programs offered by schools using the same model in the domestic marketplace.


One of the major reasons that people in various nations attend these schools is the emphasis on English-language instruction. Learning English in a professional setting is increasingly seen as important for getting ahead in the international labor market. This makes people with degrees granted by these schools very competitive when looking for jobs both at home and abroad.



The American University of Central Asia is in a category all by itself. It offers programs in English, Kyrgyz and Russian that are designed to prepare students to work in a variety of fields. Many people have expressed the view that economies in this part of the world are starting to grow. Business programs are starting to grow at the AUCA to catch up with the quickly growing demand.



Afghani culture has gone through a number of recent changes, and the American University Of Afghanistan has grown substantially to answer the challenges presented by these changes. The school is notable for allowing male and female students to interact as equals. Even western media outlets have started to pay close attention to the university, and they featured the trustee Ehsanollah Bayat on Bloomberg. The school has a strong focus on business that should help it stand apart from most other Middle Eastern institutions.


The school is actually quite new. It was only founded in 2006, which has allowed it to take advantage of many new advances in technology that existing universities have been slow to adapt to.



The American University of Phnom Penh is fairly new, having only been founded in September 2013. The school offers four-year degree programs in the fields of law, political science and economics. While these fields might not be notable as there are other Cambodian schools that offer similar programs, the school is quite famous for offering these programs in English. Some Cambodians feel that they can get ahead in the international marketplace by studying the English language.



The American University of Paris is completely independent, and it’s notable for requiring a certain level of proficiency in French as well as in English. The school sponsors over two hundred top lectures and seminars each year. The school continues to draw the attention of analysts, even though some European commentators have criticized the way that American higher education works.



Age is perhaps the most notable aspect of the American University in Cairo. The school was founded as an English-language college back in 1919, and it went through a variety of cultural difficulties in the past. The school has grown beyond these early difficulties, and today it offers a number of degrees that focus on science, engineering and economics. Global affairs tend to be strongly emphasized at this school, and it has a license to grant degrees in both Egypt and the United States.