Four Reasons Career-Specific Training Will Help You Win the Job

The current job market is competitive. Businesses want well-qualified candidates who already have the know-how to perform their jobs well. Fortunately, when you walk into a job interview with a training certificate, you’re well on your way to establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Not only do you have the necessary skills and expertise to blow the competition out of the water, but you also have the potential to enjoy upward mobility. Don’t neglect to mention your rigorous training program and career center sessions at your interview because there are four important reasons that your career-specific training will help you land the job.

  1. You Have More Time-Tested Skills Than Most Recent College Graduates – If you’re interested in going into the Maintenance field, you need training and lots of it. When American Trainco asked what their team’s most important factor in the success of critical Maintenance and Facility functions was, experts answered that the skill of their team by far outweighed any other factor. One of the best ways to prove you’re qualified for a facility and maintenance job is to hold a certification. Did you know that a large majority of managers say that certifications are a reliable way to assess a candidate’s value? With your qualifications and certificates, you already stand out from the crowd.


  1. You Have Plenty of Relevant Experience – Despite the pressure many high school graduates feel to continue their education in college, when it comes to the work force, an academic record pales in comparison to relevant work experience. The majority of employers – 63 percent – say that recent college graduates should perform more in-depth research on their chosen industry in order to improve their job candidacy. Furthermore, most employers will willing select a candidate with more experience over one with a stellar academic record. In the science and technology industry, 50 percent of employers look for candidates with relevant experience, while only 19 percent focus on academic record.


  1. You Require Less Training – The fact that you walk into the interview fully qualified for the job saves you potential employer money. On average, American companies spent $1,182 per employee on additional training and development in 2011. However, you won’t require as much time or money, which means you can get down to showing your employer just how valuable you are. It generally takes 90 days to prove your value in a job, but not needing training can help you whittle that down considerably.


  1. Career Advancement Is Easier – With the help of online career tools and training, you’re more likely to be chosen for promotions and career advancements. Furthermore, you have the potential to earn more than many degree holders. Did you know that 27 percent of people who hold certifications earn more than people with bachelor’s degrees? That number increases to 43 percent when comparing earnings of certificate holders to associate degree holders. The I.T field really underscores the importance of certificates; men who hold I.T. certifications earn an average of 72 percent more than men with associate degrees.

Know Your Worth

Your experience makes you an invaluable asset to prospective employers, and your ability to perform your job without additional training helps you differentiate yourself from the competition. In such a stiff job market, your certification will come in handy.