Handy Tips to Writing a Successful Dissertation

Dear friends, today’s article is going to be of great help if you read it closely and try to work on it efficiently and keenly. We all know how important a Dissertation is in the life of a student who wishes to attain his/her Graduation or Doctorate Degree after many years of stress and hard work. You never want anything to go wrong, now would you? So I thought how about I share some helpful tips in Dissertation writing that will prove to be helpful for you and can make the writing journey less painful and easy.

Don’t look back while writing:

An interesting tip while typing your Dissertation is to keep on writing and not pressing back space button to correct your spellings etc, the key here is to write nonstop, without any gap and use a Grammar checker later to correct your spellings or tenses and edit the paragraphs later.

Write in Portions:

Remember to write the main idea of the Dissertation first later moving on to filling the gaps and in the end write the citations.

Write what you know:

While coming to early drafting try to write about what you already know, all that comes from your heart is the right thing to start drafting your Dissertation with. Try custom dissertations from this site.

One Page a Day:

To write Dissertation students are given ample time, one must divide the time in researching, writing and editing. Make sure you write at least one page every day, if you write more that good too, and it doesn’t really matter to go in order one day you can write about a page on Introduction and the next day about some literature reviewed.

Use Power Points Help: 

This is an interesting tip in a way that if you find yourself being bored of writing black and white all the time, try putting your ideas in power point and later turn them into pros.

Take Feedback from your Supervisors quickly:

It’s a wise idea to write a chapter or half a chapter and seek your supervisors feedback on it, this way if in case you were making a wrong move you’ll be corrected right there and then in time.

Set Goals Realistically:

Do not be rigid while writing your Dissertation I know you want to complete it as early as possible but thinking to write a whole chapter in a week is not possible, rather you should set your goals as writing 5 pages of Chapter One in a week, this way you won’t feel burdened and can write better.

Time Your Writing:

The best time to write at a stretch is 45 minutes after which make sure to take a break, either grab an apple and eat it, or maybe do some relaxing exercises and return back to work, you may listen to a 4 minute song too.

Schedule Writing in 24 Hours:

Do not exceed more than 7 hours of writing in 24 hours, writing 4-5 hours is more than sufficient to help your brain think and your hands and fingers write easily.

Change Places:

Sometimes sitting in just one place and writing may become boring and you might want to feel fresh by just switching places from here to there.

Reward yourself:

It is essential to reward yourself positively after every achievement, it could be after you finish writing the first chapter or editing it, it could be after finishing first 5 chapters or editing them all, the main idea is to reward yourself and feel motivated.

Last but not Least:

Try your best to write all you can to keep your Dissertation original and simple avoid complicating things and try to be specific where the core idea and summary is concerned. Remember it’s not always the output but the input that you placed in your Dissertation.

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Andy Robert is a reputed insurance analyst and a passionate writer. He has worked as a consultant with a number of reputed companies.