How to Choose an IT Recruitment Agency

It can be a challenging task for an employer to choose the right recruitment agency specialized in the IT industry. In order to make sure that the right people are chosen to work for your company, you need to perform a thorough assessment of the agency you are interested in. Moreover, the terms of the contract must be discussed in detail so that nothing is left out. This article will give you a few questions to ask to the agency before signing the contract for travail temporaire.

Do you have experience in IT?

It is recommended to avoid agencies that are not specialized in IT. There are certain questions that the recruiter has to ask the candidate in order to analyze his suitability for the job at hand. The recruiter needs to be familiarized with the actual demands of the IT industry and must be aware of the latest certifications. The recruiter should also have an idea about the available programming language so that he decides whether the candidate has the necessary knowledge to accomplish the tasks that he will be given at the workplace. If you need some help with your recruitment process, check out the executive recruiter Utah services.

Who will perform the recruitment?

There are situations when the employer talks with the representative of the agency and is impressed by his words. This is how IT recruitment agencies establish trust with their clients. Next, the employer automatically assumes that the one who he talked to will take care of the recruitment process in person. Unfortunately, this assumption will prove to be false because the task is delegated to someone else. For this reason, it is important to know who is actually going to recruit people for your company. You will need to have a face to face conversation with this person in order to present your expectations. The recruiter will get a firsthand idea about what you want. Otherwise, the one who will actually interact with the candidates will know things through the perspective of the intermediate (the representative with whom you talked).

Do you offer a guarantee?

Sometimes, even after thorough interviewing, you may still hire the wrong person for the job. This is particularly frustrating for the employer when the employee was recruited through an agency. The employer will blame the agency for this failure. Things could be easier if the agency offers a three month guarantee. This means that if in three months the employer decides that the person is not a good fit for the job, the agency will help the employer to find someone else. Still, keep in mind it is difficult to get the agency to accept such a clause in the contract.

Will you check for references?

It is pretty easy to fake letters of recommendation. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, the agency should check the reference by contacting the person who signed the recommendation. This way, you could get valuable insights about the candidate.

To sum up, the employer should choose an agency with experience in IT recruitment, who offers a guarantee and who checks the references of the candidates.