How to get hired for a Dynamics 365 Consultant job

Even with the slowdown many businesses are facing these days, job opportunities are still opening up for Dynamics 365 consultants. Working as a Dynamics 365 consultant can be one of the most engaging, rewarding, flexible, and competitively-paying jobs in the industry. MCA Connect is one of the leading Dynamics 365 consulting firms in the world, and MCA Careers has Dynamics 365 consulting jobs they are constantly looking to fill with both qualified professionals and eager new-comers looking to break into the field. Check out the 65 tv wall mount that is the best for you or your business.

Develop Technical Skills

There are certain technical skills and competencies that can pave your way toward a new career in the field of Dynamics 365 consulting:

  • Experience: Higher level job seekers should have prior experience with full Dynamics 365 ERP life cycle implementations, from analysis to deployment. Experience with the specific Dynamics 365 ERP or CRM they are applying for and experience in consulting or industry are also preferred qualifications.
  • Certifications: Dynamics 365 ERP expertise or Master’s Certification is highly desired, in addition to any industry specific certifications.
  • Education: A degree in computer science, business, software development, marketing, communications, or a related field.
  • Other skills: A desire to provide strong customer service and to build relationships with customers and external partners. In addition, having the ability and desire to work as part of a remote team is always a plus.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a vast platform that offers opportunities for CRM or ERP professionals, as well as people who have a different skill set altogether. No matter what your background and experience may be, MCA Careers has a Dynamics 365 consulting job that fits your unique skill set and expertise.

Pursue Your Passion

In addition to technical expertise, your desire to take a deep dive into a specific industry, like manufacturing, energy, or service will be highly rewarded. Dynamics 365 consultants don’t necessarily need a wide knowledge of industry, they just need to become experts in a specific field like manufacturing, energy, or service.


Opportunities are available for paid training and certification, as well as mentoring opportunities for aspiring Dynamics 365 consultants who are new to the field. Every job has necessary prerequisites, but personal integrity, honesty, and professionalism are integral to succeeding in the field of Dynamics 365 consulting. Regardless of expertise level, MCA Careers has Dynamics 365 consulting jobs suited for a variety of skill sets and experience.

Put Yourself in a Problem-Solving Mindset

Effective Dynamics 365 consultants love to solve complicated problems. A Dynamics 365 consultant will need to address both technical and personnel issues. Consultants should also expect to be flexible about remote work and be prepared for any related challenges. At MCA Connect, there is no need to go to a specific office. Almost all of the work is remote, so you’ll connect with colleagues and clients virtually.


No matter where you start, you have many opportunities to grow and develop your professional career in Dynamics 365. If you have the skill set and the desire to learn, you may click right here to find a suitable job for you.