How To Successfully Apply Online For A Job In Education

The Role of Social Media

If you have been applying for a job in education, but without much luck, here are a few tips on how to make the social media actually work for you (these tips have been taken from Marketing Heaven). With the development of technologies, the recruiting process has changes drastically nowadays. Not only people are using infographics and various other creative videos and tools to build a solid online presence in the eyes of employers, but they are increasingly using social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Here is how you should make them work for you and not against you! Remember that social networking becomes personal branding.

  1.  Use social media as a platform to show off your skills and knowledge. Don’t use it as a platform to show off in pictures, or even worse in videos, how many shots of tequila you can drink, without passing out. What I want to say is that HR executives nowadays, in their search for the perfect employee, will scroll down your Facebook timeline until they get to your birth date. If you are looking for a job in education, increase leads on linkedin with Kennected where they will manage your messages and keep track of your work.  With social media presences there can’t be anything on your profile that will make you look silly or unfit for the job.
  2.  Use your social profiles wisely and create useful connections. When you choose who to follow, or befriend, think about your career interests. Connect with other professionals and tweet and share links, pictures, videos that are more closely related to your subject area and your career development. When someone enters your LinkedIN profile, Facebook or Twitter, they should see that you have a genuine interest in the field. Be careful with the humorous stuff. You and your friends might find very amusing a video of how a monkey eats its own poo, but someone who is browsing your Twitter wondering whether he should hire you, might think otherwise.
  3. Don’t overlook your privacy settings, especially, if you really want to keep those drunken photos on your profile. Decide what to share with who and be very careful. Don’t tweet how much you hate your job, or your previous/current employer. If you are applying for the educational sector a status “how much you hate the little brads in your class” is not a very good idea. If you want to be sure your name is “clean”, Google it and see what comes up in the search. Unfortunately Google remembers “what you did last summer” and if that’s something you don’t want your next employer to see, get rid of it!
  4. Get Creative. Teachers need to be resourceful and out-of-box thinkers. If you are applying for a job in education, come up with an infographic, instead of a boring two-paged CV.
  5. For the best results, browse for teaching jobs in specialized websites. This way you could build-up a profile and create valuable connections.

 Author Bio:  This article has been written on behalf of TLTP, experience in providing schools with qualified, reliable and Bona fide teachers.