MLM Companies

You may have already known that multi-level marketing companies are incredibly popular business types. Consequently, there are many MLM companies arriving on the scene every year. It is necessary to determine which companies are the most successful, most solid, and offer the best prospects for your growth as part of their team.


Some sources rank multi-level marketing firms based largely upon their popularity, including their Google Page Rank. You can use the internet to cut through the marketing hype and find out the rankings of companies in terms of popularity. You will also be able to discover whether their perceived popularity is waxing and waning.

While popularity is an indicator of a successful MLM company, it is also worth taking into consideration how long the company has been in business. Relatively few MLM companies have been in operation for 10 years or more, which can be considered as evidence of their successful programs.

Remember, that all the top MLM companies were start-up businesses at one point, so a new company should not be dismissed simply because it is new. It is also worth considering the possibility that a long-established network also presents new marketers with higher competition for sales and networking than they might face with a newer company, and that’s why having access to services like resellers seo can help you find the best marketing companies for their businesses.

A further sign of respectability to watch for is whether or not the company openly refers to itself as network marketing businesses. This helps to differentiate an actual business from unscrupulous schemes that arise. Look out for a business’ transparency and openness about what will be involved from the beginning.

Other questions you may wish to ask to assess the standing of an MLM company include:

  • Does the leadership team have prior experience running a network marketing company, and if so which?

  • Is there sufficient product or service diversity to protect the company in the event one of its brands failing? If not, are new products and services being developed?

  • Are the products unique to the market?

  • Are the product prices competitive, and if so are the products reliant on this as their key selling point?

  • How are the company’s cash flow and income statements? Seek help with understanding these figures if necessary as they are a key indicator of a company’s health and a predictor of its future success.

  • Has the business expanded into the global market?

In addition to considering whether the business is sound, it is equally important to identify which businesses are the right fit for you. When considering which business suits your personality and goals, ask:

  • What products and services do I believe in?

  • How much risk am I willing to take?

  • Do I need leadership and motivation or am I more of a self-starter?

  • Do I want to build a local business or a business with global reach?

  • Do I primarily want to blog, host parties or work on the phone? If you want to work on the phone, get a business phone (you can find more information on EATEL Business).

  • What is my preferred compensation plan; a party plan or person-to-person?

Multi-level marketing companies provide a great opportunity to achieve financial independence by providing solutions that you believe in. A good MLM company will help you to achieve your goals. It is worth doing some background research into MLM companies and finding the products, services and corporate cultures that are right for you before fully committing to your new enterprise.