Social Networking Offers More Options for Schools Today

The average American city has a few options when it comes to public schools, but when you look at a larger city, you’ll often find multiple public schools and a nearby private school within driving distance of most homes. Though parents may send their children to the public school in the district where they live, they might also look at paying extra to send their kids to a school in a better district or to one of the local private schools. Whether you are an administrator or on the school board, you can use peer to peer social networking to help your school appeal more to those parents.

Facebook for Schools

When most people think of social networking websites, they immediately think of Facebook. Though it initially started as a site for users of a specific school and then later college students only, it now lets anyone create a page and use the site. Creating a Facebook page for your school is a good way to keep an eye on the activities your students do online and reach parents in the community. Parents can check the page to learn more about upcoming events like bake sales and school plays, find their children’s teachers and post comments or questions they have. Facebook also lets you inform parents of parent teacher conferences, school breaks and even snow days.

School YouTube Channels

You can easily reach parents looking for a new school and show them why they should choose your school with a dedicated YouTube channel. YouTube even lets you earn money from the ads that run before your videos, which can help you raise a little money for your school. Reach new parents with videos that provide them with everything they need to know about your school. A simple walk through video tour lets them see what the campus looks like and gives them a feel for the type of students enrolled in your school. Looking at the videos that other schools posted online, such as Archer School for Girls videos, for instance, may inspire you to make some amazing videos of your own.

Twitter Accounts

Give parents an easy and simple way to get in touch with teachers and administrators with a Twitter page just for your school. Twitter requires that you post small updates that are 140 characters or less long. You’ll find several sites that let you shorten your tweets to work within that system. The best thing about Twitter is that you can show potential parents the benefits of your school in a simple way. You might post pictures taken at special events, post updates relating to report cards and letters you sent home with parents and share links to articles on education topics.

Education Centered Social Networking

In addition to some of the more popular social networking sites, you might give some thought to sites designed specifically for teachers and administrators, including Twiducate. This social networking site lets teachers work with students outside of the classroom. Edmodo is another great website that helps teachers better manage their classrooms and find new ideas for teaching students.

The top social networking sites on the web today let you connect with parents thinking about enrolling their students in your school. You’ll also find sites that let you collaborate and learn from others in your field.