Top 5 Tips to Help You Battle the Bulge in College

Everyone knows about the freshman 15, but nobody really thinks about what’s actually causing it. If you think about it, it is quite obvious – during the first few years of college you’ll be leading a mainly sedentary lifestyle and eating nothing but snack food. In fact, obesity is one of the number one risks of college students today which leads many of them to get eating disorder treatment. Students who have this disorder can seek out help from a treatment center. The Monte Nido East Bay offers state-of-the-art, evidenced-based residential programming for eating disorders and co-occurring disorders.

In addition, with technology that is making it easier and easier to never have to leave our couches, beds and desks, the problem is getting even worse. Luckily, there are a number of ways to reduce weight gain during college that won’t take too much of your time. Here are 5 tips to help you battle the bulge in college.


  1. For one, college food can be quite unhealthy and not to mention incredibly fattening. One of the best ways to fight weight gain is to switch to the vegetarian options that your cafeteria has to offer. If you get food delivered to your dormitory make sure that your meals are lean and lightweight. That way you can get you get the nutrients you need without worrying about bulking up. You can also read here the 5 Reasons to Buy Your Fish and Seafood from an Online Fishmonger.
  2. Monitor your portions and eat three meals a day. One of the biggest causes of the freshman 15 is continual snacking, which can eventually result in you really packing on the pounds. You should also start cooking healthier meals, visit for the best kitchen gadgets. However, if you make sure to eat three, well-rounded meals a day with all the major food groups, the less likely you will feel hungry later, which is usually the time when you will pull out the snacks. You can find healthy recipes at Spice Kitchen.
  3. If you need to snack, switch to something lightweight like high quality CBD Edibles. It can really be unhealthy if you are eating potato chips one bag after the other, which in most college study cram sessions is a regular occurrence. Not only will your computer keyboard be less greasy from choosing a healthier snack, but you will also feel better and you won’t put on those extra pounds. There are plenty of healthy snacks to choose from, like puffed rice, dried fruit, seeds or nuts. Just make sure that there isn’t too high of a sodium content. Best and secured online shop to buy Adipex online overnight for cheap without prescription.
  4. Also, no matter if you are getting your masters in urban planning or communications, getting enough exercise while you are in college is crucial. One of the best ways to battle the bulge is to get daily exercise, or at least every other day. Not only will you fight back a few extra pounds, but you will also feel healthier and much more energized.
  5. Lastly, cut back on alcoholic beverages. College might be a time to experiment, but if you experiment too much you might gain some extra weight. Moreover, drinking alcohol in excess is not healthy and can lead to a number of other negative health effects. Instead of drinking alcohol at your next party, bring a thermos with some water. If you don’t want to bring a thermos to a party, all you have to do is politely decline offers when someone tries to hand you a drink. You’ll certainly thank yourself later. Read here the benefits of delta 8 thc moonrocks.