The Vegetarian on Campus

How to Seamlessly Form a Vegetarian Club on Your High School Campus

As vegetarianism becomes more popular amongst teenagers and young adults, the desire to find people and resources to support the movement grows stronger. For high school students, one of the best ways to gather support, while also promoting vegetarianism, is to start a vegetarian club on campus.

When establishing any club on campus—vegetarian or not—the first step is to determine why you are starting the club in the first place; in other words, you need to figure out the club’s initial purpose. For some, it might just be to coordinate with other vegetarians on important issues, or to simply educate interested parties in how vegetarianism can benefit them. Determining the purpose of your club is vital in its formation because that is one of the things that school officials will want to know before proceeding.

With each school comes a different set of rules, regulations, and guidelines that govern how new clubs are formed. Therefore, the next step you should take in this endeavor is to collaborate with school officials on the steps required to form a new club on campus. Most schools will have necessary paperwork that needs to be filled out properly to help identify the reasoning and core values behind the club. Aside from paperwork, you may also want to locate a club sponsor. The sponsor is usually a teacher or school administrator who is willing to help advocate your club by promoting it and even allowing the club to gather in his or her classroom. Some schools may also require you to prove that there are actually other students interested in partaking in the new club. This means you may have to go hunting for signatures of interested students.

In order to increase the exposure of your club, it is essential that you have some form of promotional plan in place. The beauty promoting your club is that the sky is the limit. One way in which students are marketing new clubs is through the use of simple promo items. When it comes to using promo items as a marketing tool for your club, always think relevancy. What better way to is there to advertise anything to high school students than with personalized calendars from or logoed ball cap? School newspapers are also an excellent way to spread the word, especially if you can make the front page.

Keep in mind that you with the right marketing you just might make your club appealing to those who are not even a vegetarian. Still, while vegetarians are usually quite moralistic in their pursuit, it is important that you never exclude anyone from joining your club.

Depending on the size of your club, you will need to delegate a number of positions to qualified individuals. For example, a smaller club may enact positions for a president, vice-president and treasurer. However, a larger club might implement even more positions including president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, etc. Each position will have its own roles. A president is generally in charge of directing the club meetings, while the vice president will organize any events and happenings around campus. As the club grows in size, you may find that you need to appoint new positions to take care of specific tasks.

By now, the general direction of your vegetarian club should be established. Next on the chopping block is determining just what the club’s meetings and activities will consist of. Let your creative juices flow. For example, if your group just so happens to meet on Monday, perhaps you could enact “Meatless Mondays,” where club members share their favorite meatless dishes and recipes with non-vegetarians to show just how delicious a vegetarian lifestyle can be. This is also a prime chance to set a roster of meetings to figure out how often the club will hold meetings, also including any special events that are in the works.

Well, there isn’t much else left to do except grow. By now you should have new vegetarian club established on campus. With more and more folks adopting a meatless diet—be it for health, ethical, or other reasons—the promotion of vegetarianism is becoming an increasing priority. A high school club is easily one of the best ways that the younger generation can keep the movement alive, promoting the vegetarian lifestyle for generations to come.