What Little Things Will Blow Your Mind When You Move Abroad?

When you plan to move to a foreign country to live there permanently are some big issues that you are sure to think about. Like finding affordable electricity rates Edmonton for a cheaper monthly bill. The food, the weather and the culture are also all massive things that you will surely spend some time considering, and if you need a reputable long distance moving service, you can count on Sky Van Lines to help you move.

However, what about the smaller issues that you might not have considered? Will one of these end up blowing your mind as well? To make your moving process less daunting, there are house removals companies that can move and even pack your household goods for you.


The Night Sky

The night sky above our homes is something that we are so used to that we barely even notice it. Yet, if we move to another country we see all of the stars in completely different places. Things get even weirder if you move either far North or far South on the planet, as this is where the Northern and Southern Lights can be seen. If you are planning to move to Australia from the UK then you might not realise that you are now able to see the Southern Lights when they come around each year. It feels strange to be under a different night sky but this is undoubtedly one of those small things that make living in a foreign country so exciting.  

The Time Difference and Seasonal Difference

To be fair, it probably won’t take you too long to get used to the new time zone you live in. What can be strange even after a while is the thought that everyone back home is tucked up in bed sleeping while you are working or that they are eating lunch while you are still looking at your breakfast. Even weirder than the time difference is the seasonal difference. For example, if you are from the Northern Hemisphere and move to the Southern Hemisphere then your seasons get turned around. This means that if you are used to a winter Christmas in the UK you will need to get used to a summer Christmas if you emigrate to New Zealand, South Africa or Argentina. You might also end up enjoying New Year’s Day on the beach. Your birthday will also now be in a different season. It is also strange to hear how people back home are shivering with cold while you are enjoying fine summer sunshine.       

The New Words You Learn

It is clear that if you move to a county where English isn’t the official language then you will need to speak another tongue. This is a huge change to your life but what if you go to another English speaking place to live instead? In this case, the linguistic differences could be more subtle but equally mind blowing. Thanks to the television and movies we now have an idea about different accents and slang words around the world but there is still a lot to be learned. Let’s imagine that you move from the UK to Canada, for instance. Upon arrival you will discover exciting Canadian words and phrases such as Loonie (the Canadian Dollar), Poutine (a typical food dish) and Chinook (common winds in Canada). It is incredibly good fun to learn and try out new words like these while also showing people that you have slang words they don’t know about either. In fact, this is almost as much fun as learning a completely new language, while it is also a whole lot easier. Your new accent will probably slowly form over time but you can start dropping in local slang right away if you like.          

The Television, Newspapers and Radio

You might think that wherever you go in the world you will see the same television shows. Sure, the worldwide presence of cable and satellite TV means that you can get your fix of HBO and Fox just about wherever you go, if you are looking for the latest news, start by checking this post about Jimmy John Shark.

However, you will be delighted to see that there are local channels everywhere as well. These vary widely in quality but you can expect to see lots of local news and sports that make you really feel a part of the place. Every country also has its own quirks and its own concerns that you can understand more clearly by watching the television. This means that you should soon start to see trends and recurring topics. Splurge on a great outdoor tv swivel mount so you can relax in your backyard watching your favorite shows. The radio can be harder to get into and it is entirely possible that you listen to it for hours without every really understanding what they are on about. You will definitely feel more at home if you start read the national and local newspapers too. In fact, you might consider that you have truly made the place your home when you find yourself rushing out to buy a newspaper in order to find out the latest sports news or political scandals.