Why More Men Should Choose Nursing as a Career

For decades, nursing has been a career field that has been largely dominated by women. However, data shows that today, more and more men are getting a degree in Associate of Science in Nursing Program and becoming nurses than ever before. Nursing is a very rewarding career that is well suited to anybody who is caring, empathetic, patient and hard-working, regardless of gender. If you’re a guy who is thinking of a career change, there are plenty of reasons why you might like to consider going into nursing and wear men’s scrubs.

Nursing Needs More Men

Although the gender gap is definitely closing, there is a still a huge divide in nursing when it comes to the amount of men in nursing compared to women. Nursing still needs more men to train and work in the profession in order to achieve better levels of gender equality. Many hospitals are actively seeking more male nurses, especially as some patients may feel more comfortable with a male nurse than they would with a female. Nursing is available to study at many reputable universities, both on campus and online, such as this master of science in nursing online degree from Bradley University.

Job Security

Right now, America is experiencing a severe shortage of nurses. Although this can be stressful for both health professionals and their patients, it also means that for those who are studying for a degree in nursing, they can look forward to a job which is likely to provide them with security for life. If you are looking for a rewarding life career path that you will be able to rely on, nursing is an excellent choice.

Progression Opportunities

When it comes to progressing and climbing up the career ladder, nursing is a profession which offers a huge range of opportunities. Once you have completed your training and become a registered nurse, you can go on to do further education programs, such as a masters of science in nursing, in order to expand your knowledge and experience, and then go on to work in more senior positions. Registered nurses can go on to become nurse practitioners, nurse consultants, specialized senior nurses, and in some cases, you may even be able to expand your career by taking a medical degree.

Rewarding Work

For many men who go into nursing as a career, it is the rewarding nature of the job which makes all of the hard work worth it. Nursing can be a career that requires a lot of emotional strength and stamina, and can often be both mentally and physically draining. However, nursing can also have immense rewards, and playing a part in the recovery and improvement of the health of your patients, along with being able to support them in their time of need, can be one of the most rewarding things that you will ever do.

Although nursing has traditionally been a female-dominated career, more and more men are turning to the profession. Regardless of your gender, the nursing field is desperately in need of people who are caring, empathetic and enjoy looking after others.